What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are Adult and Family small groups that meet most weeks for the purposes of Fellowship, Encouragement, Support, Service, Accountability and Bible Study as we walk through life TOGETHER.

What are Growth Groups Like?

Each Growth Group is intentionally individualistic, taking on the identity of those within the group; their interests, personalities, gifts, abilities, and needs. Each group spends about 30 minutes of each meeting discussing a Bible passage or topic and praying TOGETHER. The remainder of the time may be spent enjoying talk, food, music, games, entertainment, or whatever the Leaders decide is best for the good of the group as a whole.

Who Leads the Growth Groups?

Each Growth Group is led by a Leadership Team of two or three couples or individuals who are members of FBC. These Leaders work TOGETHER to determine the location, day, time and agenda for each meeting. All Growth Group Leaders have received small group leadership training and are approved by the Pastors.

Who Can Join Growth Groups?

You can! Growth Groups are open to any Adult and or Family who desires to get TOGETHER with other adults and families for spiritual encouragement. You do not need to attend FBC to be involved in a Growth Group.

When & Where do Growth Groups Meet?

Inside this brochure you will find information about our current Growth Groups. Find one that meets near your home, then call the Leaders of that group to learn more about them. You are also welcome to visit any of our Growth Groups as often as you desire until you find one that is a good fit TOGETHER for you!

Growth Groups at First Baptist
Weekday Time Group Name Hosts
Sunday 5 PM Southeast Bruce & Susie Whirledge
Sunday 5 PM Sojourners Steve $ Barb Walker
Sunday 5 PM Westside Terry & Brenda Zimmerman
Sunday 5 PM RiseUp 2.0 Jeremy & Sara Phillips
Sunday 6 PM FBC Pastor Jim & Becky Shrock
Friday 6:30 PM Northwest Ron & Kim Frost

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Not all groups meet every week, nor do they always meet at the same location.

Contact the hosts above or the FBC office for meeting information.